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Leslie Mussell


Leslie was born in the little town of Chipping Norton - probably the furthest point away from the sea in GB.  His father, a saxophone playing Marine, was based here without a ship and his mum was cooking dinner for just about everybody. The family soon moved to Southampton. After a year of piano lessons (this wasn't his instrument) he picked up the guitar and learnt at least two chords so that he could join a school band. He fancied the sax but didn't give it a try until he'd got over the phase of drugs, sex and rock'n'roll and was living in London. Teaching in a technical College in the Capital wasn't meant for the future so he moved off to Heidelberg (perhaps he hadn't yet got over the drugs, sex ...... ). The sax seemed to be the instrument that turned him on, so he took lesson with Rainer Pusch, Peter Reither and a few others - the guitar remained a favourite as well which soon lead on to bass and drums.

Working at the Reha-Zentrum in Neckargemünd offered many opportunities for playing music. He started up bands with the students and other employees. Went on band and jazz workshops, took a course in audio engineering at the SAE and set up the level 4 studio in the Zentrum,  now known as the Bildung- und Gesundheitszentrum.  Within the last 6 years numerous recordings of bands and other artists have been carried out in the recently renovated studio.  

When not at the Zentrum,  Les is often playing saxophone in one or other of his bands: the trio "So What" was founded around 1990, "Take a Walk"  (a band of between 2 and 7 musicians) started up in the early 90's and various big bands.




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